… as the Monty Python skit goes. Or controversial, perhaps: I don’t think everyone will agree with this.

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

“My dad and I were talking about [Little Mosque on the Prairie] yesterday and we were having the same conversation, whether we support it or not. Like you said, it shows divisions in the community, but these are just a portrayal of reality. I’ve had other Muslims come to me and say ‘You’re not a real Muslim because you don’t wear a hidjab and you don’t pray 5 times a day.’ I guess my point is that the divisions that are created within the Muslim community are created by ourselves. And then when we, as Muslims, don’t have unity and let little things get between us, it gives non-Muslims the wrong idea, it makes them think that there are ‘real’ Muslims and ‘fake’ Muslims. We’re all Muslims, we just have different personal beliefs and ways of practicing. Maybe this show will make us realize what we’re doing and it may better our community. On the other hand, depending on what happens next, it could cause more disagreement and conflict. Like the show portrays, there are extremists in both the Muslim faith and the Christian faith, so in that way I totally support the show. It shows the good and bad sides of both religions.
Thanks for hearing me out =D”

-Naushin Walji, gr. 10 (OSA)

And I agree, insofar as I can’t believe the community is being torn apart by a television show. I don’t support the show, per se; I don’t like television very much. I think, though, that it has potential to be positive for the Muslims, insha’ Allah.

Hudhaifa relates, “People were asking the Prophet salawat.gif about good, and I decided to ask about evil out of fear that it might affect me. So I said, ‘O Messenger of God, we were in ignorance and spiritual privation, and then God
brought us all of this good. Is there any evil after this good?’
The Prophet replied, ‘Yes!’
I then asked, ‘Is there good after that evil?’
He said, ‘Yes, but it will contain cloudiness!’
‘What is its cloudiness?’ I asked.
He replied, ‘A people who guide by other than my guidance; some things from them you recognise and others you reject …'”

– An authentic tradition collected by Imam al-Bukhari

And God knows best.

La ilaha illa Allah. These posts are getting too long. I blame the blogging service: it’s not useful to occupy only half the page with text.